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Why do I have to trust Diana Velez for Clothing Alterations?

We give you some of the many reasons for use this service with Diana Velez.


Why do I have to trust Diana Velez for clothing alterations?

If you want to know why we are your best tailoring service option go ahead with this article.

1. Experience: Being a fashion Designer with almost 30 years of experience and so much knowledge about materials, shapes, paterns and fabrics, make us the right person to alterate your clothes and take the right decisions during the process in order to keep the original design if it required.

2. Profesionalism: Diana Velez will provide you with excellent service. Her values and principals makes her the right person to trust on this kind of service where your clothes are more than something to wear, they represent an special value.

3. Equipment: In our studio we are provided of variety of machines and special materials required to develop the different tailorings processes.

4. Compliance: We believe in punctuality as an important factor of successful in business. We want you to get your clothes at time, as long as it is possible and accorded with us.

5. Kindness: We will always respect your wishes, however, we will be guiding you with some necessary suggestions to ensure an excellent result.

There is no doubt now! Use this service on Diana Velez studio at 2923 Avenue Rd. Love and the best wishes for everybody, Diana Velez

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